Cricket Update

The World Cup Cricket fever was short lived.
It seems to have ended before so many great games –thanks to Team India. They proved to be the most hated from being the “icons” of today’s India. The best tease was about blaming Indira Gandhi for their loss to Bangladesh. Why? She created Bangladesh.
Jokes aside, Bob Woolmer’s death was a big blow to the world of cricket resulting endless speculations…
Cricket is a crazy game.
I didn’t realize it could take so much of your being till our recent varsity week fever at the university. Yes, I am playing cricket and I am actually the wicket keeper for our girls’ team. We won our first game and are preparing for our second game this Tuesday.
The best part however, is our coach who is so passionate about the game that we had better be the best cricket players in the field.
The coach and his teammates played yesterday and it was an amazing win.
Before catching the bus back, I got to see a beautiful sky well decorated by NEHU pine trees.

Northeast Represent!

He.. he.. a little bit of Northeast ladies for you all.

The picture is from the Abdul Kalaam visit. I have tried to do my people proud…:)
We didn’t get to pose with the man himself and it’s a shame because he is supposedly the most eligible bachelor of India. Tut… tut…
Whose loss?

President of India

Yesterday was a big day in Shillong town.
The President of India was here and he also spoke to us students at the North Eastern Hill University.
Yours truly was one of the ten students from Northeast receiving the president in their cultural attire. I represented Sikkim. I know, I know… I am not exactly from Sikkim (where am I exactly from?) but for the sake of Mayel Lyang and the Lepchas around, I gladly donned my Rongdum and became the cultural ornament for the day.
Otherwise, the one thing that stands out from the speech was him saying, “Please visit my website at” And I did visit the site.
If you want to, you can even email him and I am highly optimistic that he might just respond?

Sunset in Shillong

I recently picked up “Teilang –a novel” by Yona M. Nonglang. It doesn’t include much detail about the author and I am hoping I’d “accidentally” meet the writer in the streets of Shillong.
But the prologue starts with a Shillong sunset description.

“Busy, happy, skies, like a huge canvas being painted by an invisible artist who was just having that extraordinary inspiration to express his vast reserve of creativity and who was generally sharing his masterpiece with whoever wished to appreciate it.”

So, I think our minds were thinking alike? I have always felt quite the same and my invisible artist is most certainly God—the artist?

Unfortunately, the current weather in Shillong town is not permitting the exhibition of beautiful evenings to be showcased yet… and I eagerly anticipate the day it opens and watch the sun go down.