Stranded Travelers…

It’s been 24-hours since we arrived in Kakadivitta but we just aren’t able to travel further. We should’ve been in Kathmandu by now but there is an indefinite strike in the country and rumor has it that the strike is for 210-hours.
We might just be returning back to Kalimpong.

Taslima Nasrin in town?

My brother turned 23 yesterday. We had a random birthday celebration with some old friends… catching up on life happenings, talking about faith, thoughts, world, news –when a photojournalist friend talked about a shooting in Kalimpong town.
Quite a number of locals had already noticed the Hindi movie crew around town, but this was a different shooting.

World renowned author Taslima Nasrin was shot at? Author of highly controversial “Lajja” that sent her to exile was in Kalimpong the other day. It was a flying visit for the doctor-cum-author Nasrin whose stay was shortened by Islamist fundamentalists shooting at her? Our friend and his partner tried to follow-up on the story so, they could get front page news but there weren’t enough sources and people weren’t talking. Their lips were sealed?
However, I thought it was “blogworthy” because she visited Kalimpong, West Bengal. After all, it was her seven-day work entitled “Lajja” that made her the revolutionary she has become.