Assuming Assumptions

We learnt that Paleopathology is the demographic studies of disease in prehistoric and ancient populations. In its first phase during the 1774-1870, scientists tried to study the pathological conditions of non-human animals as they studied the case of a great bear. They were convinced that the dead bear had cancer. But after years of research, they concluded that the bear did not die of cancer…

Having heard another speculated example in class, a classmate and I were talking about how most of what we study regarding archaeological anthropology, palaeo anthropology and physical anthropology were mere guesswork- conjectures?

When he blurted out, “Life is just an assumption…”


3 thoughts on “Assuming Assumptions

  1. Anonymous

    or is it?? :)this is my new blog… check it out and let me know what you think! when i’m done with final papers and presentations, i’ll write more!hope all is well! ciaooo!

  2. Anonymous

    sure… i love the dawna markova quote so much! it was read to us during yoga class one night and it pretty much stuck & became my mission statement for life. feel free to post it anywhere u deem necessary and keep your posts and pics coming. miss ya and hope life is treating u well in nepal/india!


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