Sans Bus Rush

It so happens that when NEHU buses come by, might becomes your right. Students shove one another to get seats and to just board the bus. And if you aren’t aggressive enough, you have high potential to be left behind.

My scheduling has been prompt but I have missed most of my 3:30pm shuttle from school because I couldn’t find room to squeeze my way in or was just outdone by my colleagues. There have been times when I barely boarded the over crowded moving vehicle. My goal however is usually to find just enough room to park my two feet—it is an amusing struggle.

But there have been times when the rides have been perfect. The 5:00pm rides are gorgeous—the presence of unusual colors splattered across the sky during dusk leaves you in awe.

My best ride was when I took the 6:00pm bus back to Shillong town. We were accompanied by a fuzzy blurry moon that in due miles, turned to this glowing body and literally guided us home. It was brighter than the city lights… it was full moon.

Providentially, I have gotten hostel accommodations and I move to dorms today. I will be taking the shuttle to town and back but the everyday bus rush will be erased from my daily schedule…


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