Sunday Shillong Sightings

It started as a friendly religion question on the bus.

W: Are you Christian?
I: Yes.
W: What denomination?
I: No Denomination. Just Christian.
W: Why?
I: I don’t believe in denominations.
W: (After a brief pause) Come to church with me on Sunday.
Perhaps my answers weren’t “Christian” enough as it prompted an invitation to church but the service wasn’t half as bad. Only two minutes cab ride from Laitumkrah, Don Bosco Youth Center had white robed priests welcome us at the door. Inside was a spacious hall with stained glass paintings on normal sized windows.
The speaker was a new deacon from a tribe called Tarao.
According to the head priest (?), he was “the first Tarao deacon- priest in the world.”
The congregation clapped.

Everybody present was a tribal.
The tribal congregation cheered.
Tribal pride was conspicuously evident.

After church, we decided to walk around town.

Green bends and the ever crowded police bazaar acted as perfect backdrops to a fascinating story telling afternoon with a future priest turned MA student in Shillong town.


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