Friday Sundown

The evening started around 5:00pm when we arrived at this “Livewire,” coffee house event.
The band was performing their fourth number when the electricity went out and the vocalist was forced to do some improvs which got boring after a few rounds.
So, we left the place…
It was beautiful outside.
The weather was fresh and crisp as it had just rained.
The sky was a mixture of different colors in its subtle festive mood.
The distant horizon was ever inviting as we got on a cab westward towards Police Bazar.

The place emitted vibrant evening energy.
The center point in Shillong buzzed with traffic.
Taxi drivers were keen to take you home.
But we walked past them.
We didn’t want to go home yet.
We were enjoying the little puddles.
We wanted to feast on the pink cotton candy.
We wanted to browse through the many different stalls.
We wanted to lose ourselves in the bustling crowd.
We were mere dusk lovers not wanting to find our way home…


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