“He loved the funny man who had no ambition in the world except becoming a famous poet.”

-Nikhil Khasnabish, For Existence

Being the border

Driving up to Shillong from Guwahati is more than escalating to the greener side.
You become the divider…
The state of Assam is on your left
The state of Meghalaya is on your right.
Signboards to your left are mostly written in Assamese.
Signboards to your right are mostly written in English.
You are in between…
The highway.
The passenger.
The border.

Bhal Khabar

Earl Warren is quoted to have said that he starts reading newspaper from the back page—the sports page. Sports page reported on the success and achievement of human beings while the front page reported on the failures and misdeeds of mankind.

But an Assamese writer is in search of good news (bhal khabar) in today’s reporting as the sports page is also filled with cheats, scandals and gossip.

In his search of good news during the Assam movement, a deadline for a “good news” story for the New Year gives the writer some hope as he discovers an old news story he had saved in his journal.

That was a gist of “Bhal Khabar,” one of the 15 documentaries from the Traveling Film South Asia ’06.

The festival concluded today but my favorite pick has to be “The Legend of Fat Mama.”

(You will love and respect the Kolokota Chinatown in a new fashion)

Gospel Beat Contest 2006

It was a rock n roll event at the Academy Hall, Kamaladi
Eight bands competed n performed…
Guest artists included Adrian Pradhan.

Organized by “The Dawn,”
[A new Beginning with a new Innovation]
Almost everybody seemed to have a good time 🙂

Perhaps the young ears are still to be tuned for a “rock n roll” hearing.
He stood right in front with hands over his ears,
-as if to remind us of Gandhijee’s monkey…
Hear no evil?


“We take our shadows for granted, don’t we?
There they are, the uncomplaining companions of a lifetime, mute and helpless witness to our every act of commission or omission.”

-Ruskin Bond, A Season of Ghosts