Total Train Trip for Ten rupees

After a 45 minute delay, the puffing train finally arrived to take us on this randomly planned but much anticipated ride from Kurseong to Darjeeling.

The travel time by road is usually less than an hour but it took us almost six hours to reach our destination.

With the steam engine chugging its way through the hills, the ride has high potential to bore you to death.

But when you are traveling alongside ragamuffins, Bihari second-graders, Newari tourists, and diplomatic ninth grade Bengalis, even the sluggish locomotion and dark clouds feel alive and active to make you dance alongside roadside seranders.

The price: IC Rs. 10.00

One thought on “Total Train Trip for Ten rupees

  1. Hey Charis,It’s always interesting reading your entries. I never know where you’ll be next. Who are you traveling to Darjeeling with? Keep in touch. Sincerely, Glo

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