friends in small places…

“I find most people interesting. The dull ones are those whose lives are a little too orderly, or who are forever boasting of the ease with which they have succeeded in life. Such people can be a little suspect.”
-Ruskin Bond

Agreeing very much with Mister Mussoorie Man. Too bad I didn’t pay much attention to him when I was in Mussoorie. We could have been friends… (i think)


Bengali Invasion

It’s early morning and the mist hasn’t settled…
Bengalis are at Chowrasta.

It’s mid morning and the stores are yet to open…
Bengalis are at Chowrasta.

It’s noon and the place is busy…
Bengalis are at Chowrasta.

It’s mid-afternoon and schools have ended…
Bengalis are at Chowrasta.

It’s evening and vendors have packed up…
Bengalis are at Chowrasta.

It’s late at night and the shops have all closed…
Bengalis are still at Chowrasta.

Sevoke Bridge

The ride downhill from Kalimpong to Siliguri was very inspiring.
I was the last passenger to arrive and get on board resulting the ownership of the back seat. But I guarantee that my ride today has the potential for some exciting days ahead. (Ahem!)
It probably hit all the right notes when we arrived at Sevoke Bridge and had to wait for two trains to cross before the roads reopened.

Darjeeling Smiles…

Woke up to the most beautiful Darjeeling morning.
Mark Twain was probably right when he said,
“Darjeeling: the land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that away for the shows of the rest of the world combined.”
But he probably meant the whole of Darjeeling hills. instead of just Darjeeling town. Still, after two days of continuous rain, Darjeeling smiled at me like never before. 🙂
It was refreshing and very comforting.
The ride felt a little surreal as we drove through misty winding roads welcomed by terraced tea gardens and fluttering prayer flags. Somewhere in the clouds, Mt. Kachenjunga peeped its way to grace us of the mighty presence.
It felt like you were in a movie set– a romantic film, and you were a character riding a bicycle and making way through the tall trees and winking at the mighty mountains…