i love red robed monks…

There has always been an unescapable attention when a shaved head, red robed monk walks down the road.
They are usually in groups unless he’s an older one. Then he has the most interesting face with defined wrinkles wanting to tell of his life story. He usually smiles when you stare at him and his fingers do not rest from counting the beads. And then there are the younger ones who look good. They are usually a handsome bunch sporting a mischievious smile that makes you wonder what they must be thinking. They are usually robed in same colors but their accesories never cease to dazzle an onlooker. Rolex watches, name brand shoes and flipflops will just about catch your attention.
Today’s encounter with the “kattu gang” (as Calvin put it) was the best.
It was almost noon when we looked towards the gate and about five of these red robed monks, entered the pool area. I got excited as they each started disrobing and stood on the edge of the pool. 🙂 It was an amusing sight without doubt! They all donned very fit and trimmed bodies well complimented on their speedos as they dove in the water one after another. Ahem!
I pride myself in the fact that I have been exposed beneath those hefty red robes.
And for now, as I sit in this internet cafe and type my blog, two of my favorite kind of people are on the other computers chatting on yahoo messenger…:)
I love red robed monks for these many reasons.


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