Ring Road Rambling

Predictably, curfew started at 9:00am and was to end at 8:00pm. It has further been extended till midnight.
But an evening walk through the ring road was an interesting picture. A handful of army personnel stood at an intersection as people gathered to look at the burning tires. There were men clutching radios and blasting news as they walked the streets, grinning women with babies, grandmothers and granddaughters striding together and searching for something exciting. There was even a motorcyclist who zoomed past the cops. But the cops had little to say. They didn’t even raise their batons… they looked tired and exhausted. The winner perhaps was the paan dukanwala who took advantage of the mass and seemed back in business…Hopefully, more people are back in the game from tomorrow onwards.
Like it or not, the King has finally spoken…

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