…right place at the right time.

Received snail mail from a faraway friend today. Posting an excerpt (hope you don’t mind, child). But to be at this place…

“I don’t want to move anywhere. Not right now. For the moment, I am perfectly happy to be where I am.
Each day I wake up, go downstairs and make breakfast; do some drawing or painting; take a walk outside near the old people’s home, so it’s me and several people in their 80s walking around this track, and we nod at each other and smile each time we pass; Then I come back inside, have lunch, work a little more on my art; make dinner for my mom and sister when they get home; do yoga with my mom; and then go to bed.
I feel very lucky because right now in my life, this is exactly where I want to be, and what I want to be doing.”

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