Easter 2063

The sun looked a little hazy this morning.
I had missed the actual sunrise– the step by step unveiling of its yellow face from behind the mountains.
I was walking alongside many others making way to the Easter Sunrise Service. We looked like we were heading for a protest rally.
It might just have been true as the country has been staging protests, sit-ins and every sort of demonstration against the government since April 6, 2006.

We have had curfews, shootings, injuries, killings and hundreds of arrests.
The King remains unmoved and the citizens outraged.
I remain a little towards the apathetic end. The place I have always despised and avoided.
Things change. Times change.
I am sorry to see people get beat up. It is sorrier to see the young cops do their job.
It is the shameless political leaders who are agitating the mass as the stubborn King turns a blind eye to the ongoing unrest.
Either side, the leaders are in their comfortable rooms giving orders and doing press conferences.
“You fasten your triggers for the others to fire.
Then you sit back and watch as the death count gets higher.
You hide in your mansion while young people’s blood
Flows of their bodies and is buried in the mud.”
-Bob Dylan

But perhaps it is the youthful zeal and the fervent passion to see and be the “change.”
I do not know.
Mine seems to have faded. Atleast in present circumstances.
Perhaps there are other factors aiding to it. Or perhaps as I just read in “From Caucasia, with love,” by Danzy Senna,
“And the worst thing is when you realize your whole life’s work is going to have to be about correcting somebody else’s four-hundred-year-old mistake.”

Who knows?
It is only hoped that this third day into 2063* is followed by a prettier sunrise from fourth day onwards with our selfishness and arrogances cast aside.

*Nepal follows the lunar calendar based on Hindu tradition and is 56.7 years ahead than the solar calendar currently used all over the world.

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