battle/ movie zone?

The ride starts on Feb 1, 2006 when we arrive in Nepal-India border despite rumors of border blockings. Fortunately, everything felt normal till we near Jhapa Travels and they tell us that the town was closing down and some huge demonstration was to take place in half an hour’s time. So, they grab our luggage and throw ’em in a waiting vehicle and suggest we leave el pronto…
We rush in and find our seats… only to find our driver more excited and anxious? He sped past the national highway heavily guarded by armies and uniformed men. He literally flew us to the Bhadrapur airport before we actually did fly to Kathmandu.
Arrival in Kathmandu was welcomed by the next batch of security personnel as they were lined up all over Ring Road it felt like. But we got home in one piece! (Was something supposed to happen?)
The sun sets and the next day’s city visit guides us through the Royal Nepalese Army “tanker.” (Umm… can I smile at this?:) Yes, the battle is on…
It feels like you are in this huge film production as an extra but the rush is ever pumping even though you don’t actually get to meet the main actors and their sidekicks.
The shooting is a long process I believe…
Today was just the first day of the week long nationwide bandh/ strike called by the Maoists.



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